We make your  PETDREAMS  come true
Our goal is to create memorable artworks dedicated to your pet. We focus on creating a meaningful and enduring artwork that captures the essence of your cherished pet.
Our  STORIES  inspire
Discover the stories behind our creations, the inspiration, and the passion that drives us to create beautiful artworks.


I grew up with Lily. As Lily is older, we wanted a photoshoot but it's challenging. PetDreams creates amazing arts from phone photos.



ChaCha had been in my life for 3 incredible years. I regretted not doing a photoshoot with him. Thanks to PetDreams, his memory lives on.



I always loved my cat and diving. However, my cat loathes water. PetDreams fused both into a special masterpiece!

The Process

  • 1. Upload 15-30 photos of your pet

    The photos will be used to train a custom AI model for your pet.

  • 2. Pick the styles

    Choose your preferred styles and provide customizations. Images will be carefully crafted to achieve top quality.

  • 3. Receive product

    Your photos will be delivered in 3-7 days. You will have the option to purchase our physical items.

Start Dreaming